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Oct 19

Tartu Class Teacher 2021

TIS Grade 3 teacher Kirsi Kriit was recognized with a special award this autumn! Kirsi is a laureate of Class Teacher of the Year 2021 in Tartu city. Kirsi is loved and higly respected by all our community – the students, parents and colleagues. Congratulations Kirsi, so well-deserved!

This is what grade 3 parents say about Kirsi:

She’s such a treasure and every once in a while I hear from random people in the city, how lucky we are that we have her as a teacher. It is clear that she has had a positive impact on many families in Tartu and mentioning her makes many people smile.

Most importantly, however, she easily finds her way into the hearts and minds of her students and thus provides all her students with an individually tailored learning environment resulting in happy motivated students and outstanding learning results.

She observes the students and builds a strong relationship with her students. Meets them where they are and makes an attempt to understand them. She creates assignments that enable students to share their interests and experiences with other students.

Kirsi is one of the reasons to stay in Estonia – we just know that we wouldn’t find a better teacher and better support for our son.