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Nov 17

This was our International Day 2021

Our school and kindergarten community celebrate all families’ countries, cultures, languages and food each year. The most recent event was an especially important one – our student Jalmar describes why:

This year’s International Day was a special one because the school also celebrated its 20th birthday.

There were 13 countries represented. There also was a photo booth where people could take pictures and you could use props to do so. Some students came earlier so they could help with setting everything up, for example the decorations. There were also students who did face painting for all children who wanted. There were 2 cakes and there was a lot of food. Our principal Kristi held a speech.

This year’s International Day was different from the ones before, because it was held outside instead of in the school hall because of the covid-19 situation. Participants needed to show their covid-19 certificates, and the students were in charge of checking them when people arrived.

Previously this event has also been a great success with many people representing their home country or countries. The first year I attended was special for me because I had never heard of International Day before.

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